Aimless to Aligned is a  course that provides you with the guidance, framework and encouragement to establish a detailed and actionable business plan that will give you clarity, direction and purpose in your business!

After completing Aimless to Aligned you will:

  • Gain clarity in the vision for your business
  • Understand what success means to YOU
  • Have a clear set of hyper-aligned plans and goals for your business
  • Know what to say “no” to and how to avoid dead-ends and detours throughout your business journey.

My Course Action Plan is the instruction manual you need not just organize your ideas, goals and information, but effectively and efficiently build your course with every “must-have” element to turn your course into a successful and profitable product.

The Action Plan logically guides you through each phase of course creation, using a tried and tested project approach. After helping dozens of my clients from course idea to course launch, I’ve developed an effective system that incorporates the key elements necessary to motivate your customers to take action and engage in your course.