You are ready to build a course! Now what?

Course creation takes a ton of time and effort but can prove to be completely worth the blood, sweat, and tears.

The most time-consuming element of a beautifully designed course launch is the content creation phase. They say “Content is King,” so it is imperative to give yourself enough time to ensure this part of your course development is executed flawlessly!

Some people are content creating machines, and can quickly and efficiently churn out new content. For others, it can be a much slower process. Over time, you’ll figure out your style, and have a much better idea of the timeframe you need!

However, if you do not have the confidence to define your timeline and you are feeling unsure of your plan to launch timeframe, here are a few tips:

1. Start by creating a solid plan outline.

Check out my FREE Course Clarity workbook to brain dump all the ideas that have been flowing in your head!

2. Decide on your content length.

How many modules will you have and how long will they be?

3. Pick a multiplier!

One way to get a guestimate of your time-frame is to take your content length, and multiple that X times [insert your own number here!].

For example, a video will likely take twice it’s length to produce (longer if you have to do heavy editing!). If you need to make presentation slides, that also will add to your timeline. If you want a 15-minute video, with slides, a good estimate is 4 x 15 minutes = 1 hour to produce this lesson.

4. Give yourself grace & a buffer!

Things like this always take longer than expected, so give yourself a break. Budget extra time into your project timeline to accomodate those unexpected issues.


I challenge you to create an action plan for your course build and launch. It is the best thing you can do to gain clarity and direction to set yourself up for success. Are you ready? Grab my Course Action Plan here.