Creating a “freebie” (a.k.a. a lead magnet or opt-in) is a great way to build your audience. That is Digital Marketing 101.

You then nurture your audience and convert them into sales. If things are working efficiently, then your freebie offer primes your audience for your upsell offer. Long story short, freebies=money! Yay!!!

But what is simple, isn’t always easy. And getting the RIGHT people in your network who will purchase your products or services is not always easy.

Recently, while brainstorming new ways to attract my ideal audience to my new offers, my business coach suggested I create a quiz.

I’ll confess that initially, I was skeptical. I’m a helper at heart, and I always want to provide value. Would a quiz provide enough value? I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get so caught up in how seriously I take my business, that I forget to make things fun! And guess what? Quizzes can be really fun and a unique way to get your audience engaged!

The more I thought about it, the more excited I got about the potential of a quiz. After researching various tech and tool options, I found Interact. Once I learned about the quiz features available on the platform, I was sold. I’ve been BLOWN away by how easy the platform is to build and use, and so impressed with the analytic features of their pro plan. You can get started with Interact for FREE by clicking here.

In this post, I want to share with you some of the reasons why I feel like quizzes should be a part of your sales funnel.


A quiz isn’t just a cut and dry “if you feel X then you need my Y.” You’re taking your audience on a journey of questions, which creates a tailored experience for them. The experience creates a classic “buy-in” from investing time and brain power into each answer.

Quizzes are naturally very shareable and a fun and effective way to boost your visibility and reach! We’ve all have those friends who share their quiz results with friends with a comment along the lines of “wow, this is SO me!” Take advantage of the trend.


With each question, your audience must decide which answer best suits them, and through that process, they may learn something about your business, your services or even discover a problem they did not have (that YOU can solve).

The quiz process can plant a seed in their mind, and if it’s the right seed, it may lead them to want to learn more about your offers!


Never underestimate the power of data! There is an art to leveraging the information and insight a quiz can provide in a way that helps you best serve your audience.

For example, if one of your quiz answers reveals a gap in knowledge, TryInteract can tag that person accordingly, and you can set up your email marketing system automation to send that person an email pointing them to a resource that would educate them. Pretty nifty, huh?

A quiz can be a FUN way to pre-screen those coming into your list to evaluate who might be the best fit for your offers. Take advantage of this practice to target your messaging more effectively (a key component in converting leads into sales).

If you’re intrigued by the potential of a quiz, and ready to start experimenting, get started with Interact for FREE now.


Check out my free quiz below: