Online courses have become insanely popular over the past five years. You’ve probably heard that they are a proactive way to add another revenue stream to your business with your knowledge and experience.

I want to explain precisely WHY courses are one of many options to help scale your business.

Reach more people

Courses allow you to teach and serve a much larger audience than you would realistically be able to if you were solely providing 1-on-1 services.

Become recognized as an expert in the course topic

You tend to get street cred as a course-creator, and this can position you as an expert in your field – something that you can leverage to gain more visibility! Podcasts are always looking for topic experts, and being a course creator helps boost your expert status!

You don’t have to trade time for money

It’s a common dilemma for service-based entrepreneurs to hit a wall where they are at capacity but aren’t quite making the income they want to. Your options tend to be limited to: increase your prices, or find a passive income stream! Courses allow you to break free from the time-for-money trap and truly scale your business revenue.

Make money while you sleep

I remember the first time I woke up to a sale.

And the first time I was spoiling myself to lunch, and a sale came through that more than covered my check.

I can tell you, it’s an addictive feeling!

With the right automated funnels in place, you can truly make money while you sleep!

Cultivate an audience that will buy future products/services.

A course is a great way to introduce yourself and your offerings and build the know-like-trust factor. Create a positive experience, and provide a transformation for your customers, and you’ll have lifetime fans!


Creating a course can be a life-changing experience for your business, so check out my course clarity workbook to get started on building a course today!